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Interpage International is a premium product importer and provider of high-quality European canned fish to its growing US customer base in the grocery food industry.  Since 1993, “Grilled Catch” and Foie Gras of The Sea have been trusted brands for smart, sensible families seeking delicious and affordable meal options. Interpage International has its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with auxiliary facilities in Latvia and Iceland which form critical partnerships with overseas suppliers to bring quality ingredients directly to the customer, bypassing several layers of distribution normally found in the import and distribution industry. By dealing directly with its network of overseas suppliers/partners, Interpage International can pass along savings to customers without sacrificing food safety and product traceability.

We are targeting consumers who are taking care of a healthy, well-balanced, and nutrition-rich diet. Our premium class products are wild-caught, hand-packed, GMO/BPA, Gluten Free, and OU Kosher certified. They are rich in vitamins D & B12, and Omega-3 and made only from fresh fish which is a great source of protein.

Modern brand Grilled Catch makes a real art out of making tasty canned fish, as most of the process is absolute manual work!  The recipes are based on old traditions of Latvian people to provide you with the most exquisite experience of taste. Putting fish into each can is 100% handwork and as practice shows, it can be effectively carried out only by careful female hands. As a result, we obtain products with not only perfect taste but also with the most accurate and attractive appearance.

Innovative transparent plastic lid for canned fish products keeps the same characteristics and advantages of traditional canned packaging and is ready to be launched in any market. It allows you to see the content, is very easy to open, is paleo-friendly, ready to eat, and keeps a natural fish taste. It is made of multi-layered, UV, and breaking-resistant polypropylene and can be stored at room temperature with a shelf life of 2 years.

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